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STRENGTH: ★★★★☆☆
SPEED: ★★★★☆☆
CHARISMA: ★★★★★☆
LUCK: ??????

SCIENCES: ★★★☆☆☆
MEDICINE: ★★★☆☆☆
POLITICS: ★★★★★★
TRADE: ★★★★★★
THE ARTS: ★★☆☆☆☆
ALCOHOL: ★★★★★★
DATING: ★★☆☆☆☆
SEX: ★☆☆☆☆☆
INTIMACY: ☆☆☆☆☆☆


1. Describe the character's height and build. Is he heavyset, thin, short, rangy?
5'11", a little broad around the shoulders. He's no noodle, but while his musculature isn't as defined as it used to be, it doesn't mean he's soft either.

2. How old is he?
Never explicitly stated, but he's believed to be anywhere from his mid-to-late twenties. Good guesses place him at 28.

3. Describe his posture. Does he carry himself well or does he slouch?
Straight-backed, projecting confidence. When he speaks or gets excitable, he tends to lean toward his conversational partner. His posture shifts depending on the situation.

4. How is his health? Is he fit or out of shape? Any illnesses or conditions? Any physical disabilities?
Fit; he hasn't let himself go to seed yet. His reflexes are still top-notch. Indulges in alcoholism, but physically sound otherwise.

5. How does he move? Is he clumsy, graceful, tense, fluid?
Little to no tension to speak of, but he wouldn't be called graceful. He's definitely not clumsy either, however much he may play at it. What he does is present the least-threatening figure he can. Purposeful, but non-threatening. He doesn't try to loom or impose through stance. There's always a loose kind of air around him at any given time.

6. How attractive is this character physically? How does he perceive himself in the mirror?
Traditionally attractive, by old Edo standards. Tall, bright-eyed, good family, curly hair, the works. He'd be handsome if he didn't wear Goofiness like a cloak and stupidity like a mask. Tatsuma himself doesn't put much weight on his own looks, save as a bargaining chip. An advantage to exploit.

7. Describe his complexion. Dark, light, clear, scarred?
Pale, the kind of complexion seen on men who don't see the light of the sun for long stretches at a time. Before he took off to space, he was darker, sun-brown and sun-burnt in turns. Like most of the idiots who participated in the Joui war, he has his fair share of scars; most are old, faded.

8. Describe his hair: color, texture, style.
A wild tangle. An afro. Painfully curly. Brown, somewhere between short and shoulder-length. Admittedly not as uncontrollable as it looks.

9. What color are his eyes?
Blue. Hard to tell when he rarely takes off his shades.

10. Does the character have any other noteworthy features?
His smile; he's always grinning, laughing, or somewhere in between. He never seems to put away his optimism.

11. What are his chief tension centers?
Shoulders, temples, the back of his neck and between his shoulder-blades, his hands.

12. What is the character's wardrobe like? Casual, dressy, utilitarian? Bright colors, pastels, neutrals? Is it varied, or does he have six of the same suit?
Regardless of what he wears, it's always some mash-up of traditional Japanese wear and more modern clothing. Hakama and haori with boots, for instance, or his peculiar merchant get-up with old-style geta. Primary colours tend to be bold and loud, when not bursting with colour. Reds, blacks, the more formal the occasion is, the more muted the palette. He almost always dresses for summer or warmer weather, possibly even in the dead of winter. The shades are a constant.

13. Do his clothes fit well? Does he seem comfortable in them?
He doesn't seem to give much mind to what he wears; clothing is clothing. Likely, if the occasion calls for formal, he'll give his appearance cursory attention. He's comfortable in whatever he wears, be it fancy suits or peasant's rags.

14. Does he dress the same on the job as he does in his free time? If not, what are the differences?
Basically. The fact that he leaves most of the work to his employees notwithstanding, he doesn't bother much with swapping out his wardrobe every time he heads out for a night on the town.

15. You knew it was coming: Boxers, briefs or commando?
Boxers for optimal comfort. Sometimes a cup when on the job.


1. What does this character's voice sound like? High-pitched, deep, hoarse?
If we were to be really generous, his voice could be called a rich tenor. It's Shinichiro Miki. Anything is possible.

2. How does he normally speak? Loud, soft, fast, evenly? Does he talk easily, or does he hesitate?
When Sakamoto talks, he talks loud and he talks steadily. Often, he gives the very strong impression that he doesn't think before he opens his mouth. (Which is often the case.) He's an easy talker on top of that; he sounds comfortable in conversation regardless the topic. A natural chatterbox.

3. Does the character have a distinct accent or dialect? Any individual quirks of pronunciation? Any, like, you know, verbal tics?
Original Japanese has him speaking with a Tosa accent, which more or less translates to country bumpkin.

4. What language/s does he speak, and with how much fluency?
Japanese, primarily, with smatterings of English phrases thrown in for flavour. Doubtless he knows some alien tongues in there somewhere.

5. Does he switch languages or dialects in certain situations?
He tends to get more relaxed and slangier in his speech depending on the company kept. Old friends will always get his most relaxed forms.

6. Is he a good impromptu speaker, or does he have to think about his words?
A little of both, but he's more prone to impromptu explosions of words. For the most part when Sakamoto talks, it's a rush and jumble from the heart rather than from the head. When he does deliberate over what he says, he still manages to hit it off smooth.

7. Is he eloquent or inarticulate? Under what circumstances might this change?
50/50, all dependent on circumstance. When he really wants to, Tatsuma can be as eloquent as sin. He has a businessman's quicksilver tongue, but away from the office he can be as inarticulate as the best of drunks. When he blurts out whatever's on his mind, it does tend to come out as completely incomprehensible.


1. How intelligent is this character? Is he book-smart or street-smart?
He's definitely more street-smart than he is book-smart; he's a terrible study in the classroom. He's the kind of guy who learns best by seeing and doing rather than by merely reading. Theories are useless if he can't properly visualize how it'll work out, hence why the hands-on approach is his best one.

2. Does he think on his feet, or does he need time to deliberate?
Most of what he does can be spur-of-the-moment, but a surprisingly hefty amount of what he does has a lot of thought behind it. Heavy deliberation is more for those situations where he knows he can't leave a loose chance at failure lying around.

3. Describe the character's thought process. Is he more logical, or more intuitive? Idealistic or practical?
Much to the surprise of everyone, he's pretty logical. That's not to say he isn't intuitive, but a lot of the major decisions he's made in life have been rooted in logic and the practical side of things. He's a hell of an idealist, but he actually knows how to think to achieve those ideals, and to discern whether they're attainable or not.

4. What kind of education has the character had?
He probably attended a temple school like most kids his age, as was common in his era, but Sakamoto's never been all that great at his studies. What he's learned of the business trade is likely all self-taught, and he's driven enough to have learned to the best of his ability how to manage his own business.

5. What are his areas of expertise? What, if anything, is he interested in learning more about?
Trade. Commerce. Profit. He's still aiming toward a better tomorrow, using business as the ladder to that lofty dream, so whatever he can learn about politics, he's at it.

6. Is he an introvert or an extrovert?
Extrovert to a fault. He works best with people, and a lot of his dealings have to do with being open with them. Not that he doesn't keep his secrets, of course. Private business is strictly that: private.

7. Describe the character's temperament. Is he even-tempered or does he have mood swings? Cheerful or melancholy? Laid-back or driven?
Cheerful, again, to a fault. Sakamoto's rarely ever seen without a smile in place, and a lot of the time it's as genuine a smile as he can give. He's relaxed and driven in turns, all depending on what he thinks is proper for the situation at hand. Despite all this, his general temperament is steady, and to date he's rarely suffered a moodswing. Full control of his emotions.

8. Is he more likely to act, or to react?
React. Most of his actions, the ones not spurred by reaction, are already carried out, the ones made with a lot of deliberation beforehand. Nothing Sakamoto does is without reason.

9. Which is his default: fight or flight?
Nine times out of ten, flight. He'll only ever fight in defense of another, not himself.

10. Describe the character's sense of humor. Does he appreciate jokes? Puns? Gallows humor? Bathroom humor? Pranks?
Boy, does Sakamoto appreciate good humour. Jokes of any kind get him, though he does lean more toward the perverted end of things.

11. Does the character have any diagnosable mental disorders? If yes, how does he deal with them?
PTSD. War weighs heavy on the highest of minds. He isn't an alcoholic for kicks.

12. What moments in this character's life have defined him as a person?
Well, let's see. i) joining up with the Joui patriots, ii) fighting in the tail-end of the Joui war, iii) deserting, iv) embarking on the long quest to commerce, v) ascending into the vast reaches of space, vi) becoming a successful merchant at the head of an intergalactic trading fleet born for the specific purpose of bringing both amanto and earth together through more peaceful methods.

13. What does he fear?
Failure; leaving nothing behind when he's gone; being unable to make a difference; finding himself unable to protect his own planet. Losing those closest to him to no end. Regretting anything he's done.

14. What are his hopes or aspirations?
To bring peace to humanity and Amanto alike through commerce. To protect his country and his planet in his own way. To see the stars and worlds no human has ever dreamed of before. To have made a difference. To give the humans scattered and lost in the galaxy a hope for home again.

15. What is something he doesn't want anyone to find out about him?
There isn't much he actively doesn't want others to know, but it's less of a secret than it is him just not divulging it without proper prompting. The things he doesn't want anyone to know of are possibly the moments of weakness, shortly after his leaving the Joui and his friends, the moments of regret, and the horrors of war itself. Depressing stories don't reel in business.


1. Describe this character's relationship with his parents.
What we do know about Sakamoto is that he comes from a respectable and well-known merchant family. He also had the room to develop a pacifistic mindset in an era of warfare. From that, we can guess that his relations to his family were positive.

2. Does the character have any siblings? What is/was their relationship like?
Unknown. The historical Sakamoto Ryoma had many siblings, so we can guess Tatsuma had some as well.

3. Are there other blood relatives to whom he is close? Are there ones he can't stand?
Possibly not. He's never given any indication there's anyone else.

4. Are there other, unrelated people whom he considers part of his family? What are his relationships with them?
Four others. Three of them live on Earth (two of which are terrorists wanted by the government), and one is his right-hand woman. Talking about the lot of them would take up a lot of space and time so let's save that for a separate meta thread.

5. Who is/was the character's best friend? How did they meet?
Here's the kicker: Tatsuma doesn't really have a singular 'best friend'. What he does have are three older friends from his crazy youthful days who he still, despite good and common sense, seems to care for quite a lot. Sakata Gintoki, Katsura Kotarou, and Takasugi Shinsuke aren't what most people want for friends, but they're his all the same. They met on a battlefield, in the middle of an alien invasion of their country, and for a time they fought side by side as comrades.

It was all very romantic and cool.

6. Does he have other close friends?
Friends? Why yes, they're everywhere. Close friends? Only those mentioned before and Mutsu.

7. Does he make friends easily, or does he have trouble getting along with people?
He makes friends as easily as most men breathe, if that's any indication. For all his stupidity, he's actually a very charming guy, the kind most men want to bro it up with. While he isn't the sort to open himself up, he is the kind to sit down and listen to a pal's troubles, woes, and joys. That's what friends are for, right?

8. Which does he consider more important: family or friends?

9. Is the character single, married, divorced, widowed? Has he been married more than once?
Single. It doesn't look like that's about to change in his future, either.

10. Is he currently in a romantic relationship with someone other than a spouse?
N o p e.

11. Who was his first crush? Who is his latest?
First: unknown. Latest: a snackbar employee named Ryou.

12. What does he look for in a romantic partner?
He isn't quite looking for one. Having a romantic partner would mean having to try and split his priorities between them and the Kaientai, and that he just can't do. He has goals to reach, a dream to make reality; he couldn't possibly take on a romantic partner with that kind of baggage, not knowing that he'd never really be able to give them the total devotion, attention, and love they deserve.

13. Does the character have children? Grandchildren? If yes, how does he relate to them? If no, does he want any?
They'd be nice, but he has neither the time nor the complete desire for them at present. Too much to do to be a proper family man.

14. Does he have any rivals or enemies?
No one specifically, as he tries to keep on the diplomatic side of things. Neutrality is a businessman's best friend.

15. What is the character's sexual orientation? Where does he fall on the Kinsey scale?

16. How does he feel about sex? How important is it to him?
He feels very good and strongly about sex. Sex is great. But on the importance scale, it's pretty well down the list.

17. What are his turn-ons? Turn-offs? Weird bedroom habits?
Gosh. One thing's for certain: he likes to face his partners during... whatever.


1. Do you know your character's astrological (zodiac of choice) sign? How well does he fit type?
Scorpio. They're known to be charming, dynamic, resourceful, and unyielding. Most importantly, Scorpios are ambitious and passionate, and that fits Tatsuma to a tee.

2. Is this character religious, spiritual, both, or neither? How important are these elements in his life?
To date, he's never shown any spiritual or religious inclinations, and it's likely he doesn't really have them. He probably observes Shinto tradition more out of habit than any actual belief in the system, and celebrates religious holidays as just that: holidays.

3. Does this character have a personal code of morals or ethics? If so, how did that begin? What would it take to compromise it?
There's the old bushido, but it's doubtful that he sticks to that old code very much any more. He is prone to trying to do what's right, on a moral level. Helping people, saving people, looking out for the greater good. He'll avoid the compromising of those morals even if it means his life, so long as it means others will uphold it in his place. The same goes in business; he controls money and the trade well, but never quite lets it control him. Corruption isn't a factor he'll allow in his company.

4. How does he regard beliefs that differ from his? Is he tolerant, intolerant, curious, indifferent?
Curious. Every new civilization, belief system, and methodology is a chance for further learning opportunity, a chance to broaden his horizons.

5. What prejudices does he hold? Are they irrational or does he have a good reason for them?
While he's all about everyone getting along and general galactic peace, it stands to reason that he may still have some reservations about Amanto at large. They are the ones who invaded his planet, waged war on his country, killed countless soldiers and allies, and basically corrupted an already shaky government in planting their roots. A little caution and wariness is to be expected.


1. What is the character's financial situation? Is he rich, poor, comfortable, in debt?
Of everyone in his series, he's probably the guy who's the most well off. Hell, he's fucking rich.

2. What is his social status? Has this changed over time, and if so, how has the change affected him?
Lower level merchant-class samurai family, which wasn't all that high back in the day. These days, he's flying high. It's likely he's in the upper echelons of society, or would be if he gave a fig about personal social standing. Be he poor and mud-stained or flying high in his own personal merchant fleet, Sakamoto is Sakamoto. Neither fortune nor fame is likely to change who he is at the core.

3. Where does he live? House, apartment, trailer? Is his home his castle or just a place to crash? What condition is it in? Does he share it with others?
In canon, he pretty much lives on and with his fleet, with infrequent visits to Earth for shipments. Nothing too lush or fancy, but comfortable enough to live in for long periods of time.

4. Besides the basic necessities, what does he spend his money on?
Liquor. What he doesn't spend on drinking and partying around he drops on his friends. For instance, buying Elizabeth for Katsura, or paying for a fucking pair of carpenters for Gintoki. As for himself, Sakamoto doesn't really spend that much on personal possessions.

5. What does he do for a living? Is he good at it? Does he enjoy it, or would he rather be doing something else?
He's a trader, head of the merchant fleet Kaientai, as mentioned. The size of his fleet and the business it garners is a good sign of his success at the enterprise. Considering how much he gave up for it, yeah, it's pretty safe to say that the fleet is his life.

He doesn't regret it.

6. What are his interests or hobbies? How does he spend his free time?
Space, stars, work, drinking. Most nights if the sky is clear on Earth, he'll head out to stargaze for much of the evening. In the lulls between day and night, he prefers something to whittle way his time and attention on, be it work, futzing around with small appliances, or drinking.

7. What are his eating habits? Does he skip meals, eat out, drink alcohol, avoid certain foods?
Food is a pleasure, but sometimes he's prone to forgetting meals. He tends to eat out a lot, though the quality of the fare depends entirely on where he's going. If it's just out for a night on the town, he'll go for stall food, quick and easy. Alcohol is, by this point, a staple in his diet.


i. Colours?
Reds, oranges, yellows, autumn colours, black & gold

ii. Smells?
Liquor, sandalwood, linen, city streets in the rain, gunpowder, oil, straw, the dry dust of a dirt road

iii. Time of day?
Late night, the hour before last call

iv. Season?

v. Book?
An accountant's ledger

vi. Music?
Enka; drinking songs

vii. Place?
The deep void of space; a ship's deck

viii. Substance?
Distilled spirits

ix. Plant?

x. Animal?
Shiba inu all day