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sakamoto tatsuma ([personal profile] shoubai) wrote2015-04-10 10:53 pm

PERMISSIONS @ maskormenace

So first, we got some superpowers to take care of. Let's get those out of the way first.


⦁ sonokinetic 'shout'. producing a sound volume of up to 150+ decibels. capable of breaking many, many things, eardrums being the least of it.
⦁ 'vocal trance'. influencing the subconsciousness of an individual through the manipulation of his tone. hypnosis, pretty much.
⦁ shield. generation of a shield against physical attack through manipulation of sound waves.
Limitations include the durability of his own vocal chords and simple inexperience. Good luck not fudging any of this up on the first try.

⦁ manipulation. controlling and manipulating a body of water into various shapes or forms, for combat or otherwise. smaller amounts of fluid result in finer control. this can extend, with effort, to the vapour in air and in human bodies.
⦁ water walking. requires concentration. limited to the soles of his feet. water-crawling or doing the water worm does not apply.
⦁ dowsing. the ability to locate water sources, regardless of distance. the smaller the distance, the more accurate he gets. useful in areas where water is scarce.

If these don't sound like things you want your character tangoing with, just leave a note for opt-out. All comments screened.

If, however, you do want to get down and dirty, that's cool too let's make beautiful music together.


SECONDLY, and the trickiest of all: Gintama canon in general. We're talking about the blatant and unrepentant 4th Wall Break. Everyone in Gintama, from the main characters down to the most base of extras, breaks that hallowed wall at least three times per episode. Anything from classic, retro Japanese television to the newest and brightest of Shonen Jump, you name it, they've probably referenced it.

This applies the most to popular, modern JP media. Dramas? Movies? Popular singers? Morning Musume? Recent political snafus? Oh yeah baby.

If you do not want this character referencing your character canon, please don't be afraid to drop me a line. The comfort and enjoyment of my fellow players is a lot more important than a potential joke or pun. I have no problem with adjusting!