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notes; mask or menace

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04/12 -
() Two persons of interest mentioned. Mr. Solf Kimblee, "Crimson Alchemist". Sylar, ability thief. Inquire.
() Colonel Roy Mustang, "Flame Alchemist". Probable link to Mr. Kimblee. Arson investigator for local police force. De Chima? Heropa? Inquire.
( + ) Mention of cannibals. "Are you a ghoul?" (?? inquire) Not a new development. Keep an eye out for more.

04/12 - Opportunity
() Reggie Mantle. 'Subscription-based journalism.' Information brokering.

04/13 -
() 'Lucifer'. Archangel, 'literally satan'. Caused quite a commotion in the past. Watch.

04/14 -
() ID: Dominique Destine. Government critic? Bioengineer. (Genetic manip & clones) Further inquiry needed. Expressed an interest in weaponry?
() Starktech. Research & development. Look into.

00 - CharacterName
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04/14: there's more beneath the surface than meets the eye.