Big Brother 3000

Sep. 23rd, 2017 12:09 pm
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Hello MoMites! As the summer ends and the new fall lineup begins, the television studios of MoM’s America are auditioning for their own brand-new show, Big Brother 3000: a reality TV show in space. And every imPort is being asked to try-out!

As there are IC rewards for participating in each day, we ask you to please comment HERE with your character name as the header and a link to their activity for each day of the competition they participate in in the body of the comment. If you have multiple characters participating, please make a separate comment for each one. This list will also be of use to us in future events involved with the show, so even if your character isn’t picked for the show itself don’t lose hope!

The characters selected will be announced at the end of October, so please feel free to keep tagging and having your characters appear in the various try-out days throughout October. The IC post linked above explains many of the details, especially about each of the try out days. Please direct all questions HERE.

4, 3, 2, 1

Sep. 23rd, 2017 11:55 am
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WHO: All imPorts
WHERE: Heropa convention center
WHEN: September 23 - 25
WHAT: Auditions for the new reality TV show sweeping the nation!
WARNINGS: None anticipated; let us know if this needs to be changed.

You may think that thanks to the sheer volume of interviews on the street that happen in porter cities every month the natives may have started tuning you out. You, though, would be so very, very, wrong. Though whichever imPort first mentioned a little thing called Big Brother as their favorite TV show has been lost to the annuls of history, the idea of reality TV has caught on in this version of America. What started with the seeds of a few random imPorts getting assigned their own show by the government has finally blossomed into the inevitable: auditions for an all imPort, live-in reality TV show organized, sponsored, and totally produced by private businesses. Welcome, imPorts, to BIG BROTHER 3000.
Earth below us, drifting falling )
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WHO: Utena Tenjou and YOU
WHERE: Mostly Heropa, but there's one prompt for the other Porter cities
WHEN: All throughout September
WHAT: A belated September catch-all log. Utena goes to the library, gets detention, takes a second job, passes out at restaurants, and cleans up some vandalism. It's a busy month. Additional closed prompts for specific characters will be posted in the comments later.
WARNINGS: None so far.

01. The Library! (Heropa), all throughout September )

02. Detention (Heropa High School), any time in September )

03. Paper delivery (Heropa), throughout September )

04. Grabbing a drink, a bite to eat... and a nap (any of the Porter cities), throughout September )

05. Sports Center Vandalism (Heropa), late September )

06. Wildcard )


Sep. 22nd, 2017 06:36 pm
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Hey, guys! Some of you may have noticed that tags have gone to a standstill for about a week and a half or so - this is just a notice that this will probably continue for a few days, and that they'll be coming back in a trickle, not a deluge. My apologies for that, and for not being in communication with you all for it; some RL and health stuff prevented me from coming online.

When I come back, I intend to tag a lot of what's been left behind, but some will be dropped as well, so I encourage you to let me know what you'd absolutely like for me to keep - and to tell me if too long has passed, and if you'd prefer that I just drop it now.

Thank you, and thank you for your continued patience with me! It's much appreciated.

(This affects Rusty Venture ([personal profile] musclemothers), Jaime Reyes ([personal profile] khajidont), and Magnus Burnsides ([personal profile] burlyboy) )

10th Mission // Text // Links are IC

Sep. 22nd, 2017 08:06 pm
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Jacob Taylor here. I've got an update on the investigation into the OTO. That's Otherworld Technologies Organization for the new people on the Network: they're a group that's been responsible for a lot of the bad things that have happened this year. The report is here for anyone who wants to take a look at it.

If you're going after the OTO, be careful. They're seriously bad news. But we need to keep chasing them down, before they hurt more people. The government's been supporting our operations so far: they're on our side on this one. If you find anything out, you can tell me or another member of the RISE team.

That's not the only thing I wanted to talk about, though. Last week, a friend of mine took a life in combat. He's facing the consequences for it now. I've done the same thing plenty of times, in the military and out of it. And I know some of the OTO's scientists didn't survive the raid on their cloning facility last month.

It's a heavy thing to deal with. Sometimes it's necessary. But a lot of people think imPorts are dangerous right now. If we do too much damage, we're going to risk proving them right about us. Doesn't matter if it's because we're battling bad guys.

I think this fight with the OTO is just getting started. It's not going to be the last time we have to make those kinds of choices. And we need to work together if we're going to beat them. I figure that'll be easier if we're all clear on where we stand. About what we're willing to do to get it done.

So here's what I want to ask you: would you kill, to save a life? Or is that going too far for you? And how do you want to hold people accountable for something like that?

hiatus heads up

Sep. 23rd, 2017 09:35 am
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I've hiatused from now until October 22nd. Hopefully I will be back in action before then, but the old brainmeats are being a bit hideous, so I thought I might just take some pressure off myself and put up an official apology for being slow and flakey while I wrangle things.

This will effect Lara Croft ([personal profile] crofts), MK ([personal profile] ewenique), Shadow Moon ([personal profile] shadohdamn) and this sentient dumpster, Sarissa.

I might need to drop some things when I return, but if we have something going that is important to hash out for IC development reasons or plot stuff, please let me know and I will continue tagging that as speedily and reliably as I can! I'm still around and available for chatting and will be able to focus on threads here and there, I just need to free up some mental energy for juggling other stuff atm.

text - kid's canon woes

Sep. 22nd, 2017 11:49 pm
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( OPEN )

Sep. 22nd, 2017 04:02 pm
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WHO: Nike Lemercier and OPEN!
WHERE: De Chima
WHEN: All of September (backdated due to RL issues, sorry).
WHAT: Final clean up of Nike's property from the vandalism last month and flowers festival activities.

a clean place is a lawsuit-free place )

the earth laughs in flowers )

wildcard option )
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WHO: Bela and you!
WHERE: Nonah and Maurtia Falls
WHEN: Mid to end September
WHAT: Two closed prompts and one open
WARNINGS: None at the moment. But will update

Note: If anyone wants another prompt let me know and we can do a thing!

“Let them eat cake,” she says, just like Marie Antoinette )
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Here's a great way to pass those free hours you don't know how to fill:

Bring me one of these posters with Persephone on it, I'll sing some lyrics right in your face. Live. If you don't know why that's totally worth it, ask someone who's been to one of my shows.
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WHAT: K-2 does some robot things, some non-robot things, some good things, some bad things.
WARNINGS: Well, there's a MoM-equivalent playboy magazine in one of the prompts, so vague mentions of nudity. Will update if it gets ............worse.

[Open prompts will be listed in the body here, closed prompts listed as individual comments below!]

They all involve stores for some reason )

[OOC: And if you have any prompt ideas or what to thread something, PM me and we can work something out!]
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Hey, all! It's Jean with a couple of things.

Firstly, I decided to drop Technical Boy ([personal profile] twatter) from American Gods. He was a lot of fun in this setting and opened up a lot of CR opportunities to me that I didn't really have access to with all of my older crew, but I don't have the time to make him the properly large influence he needs to be. :[ So I let him go for the time being.

Second of all, Baelish here will be porting out for a power update. Or rather instead of an update, it'll just be an upgrade. His mockingbird power is going to now extend to ALL birds. He will be able to communicate AND transform into any and all birds at will. Might want to watch out when purchasing that parakeet from the pet store now. Could very well be a spy for Littlefinger! But he will be disappearing tomorrow and returning Saturday, mildly inconvenienced by the port out.

And lastly, I've been on hiatus for the duration of September. Normally I'm able to at least get to some backtags during that time, but this month has been a well-needed break from all game stuff just to get my head back on track. When I get back in October, I'll likely be starting fresh. So I just wanted to give a heads up, and if we had something old going on, that is definitely an invitation for something new in October!

Anyway, hiatus affects Petyr Baelish ([personal profile] baetiful), Raina ([personal profile] flowerette), and Maeve Millay ([personal profile] maevelous). See you guys October 1st!

[text] help wanted ad??

Sep. 21st, 2017 07:20 pm
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yo any of u kno stuff like accountin n shit?
not like bookies lil black note books n how much 4 a teenth or a 8ball
actual legit bean counting accounting
4 business

speaking of
any1 got experence getting set up w a place 4 a shop??
nvr rly needed a place 2 sell shit b4
usually just had dudes pick out shit frm a car trunk u kno

ps, still got the car trunk thing goin if any1 wants 2 buy a piece
aka guns im selling guns
knives still 2
its legal ok i got papers just need a shop so
ghetto car trunk discount, 15% off

[ also drugs. the less legal part. that he will not say anything about on the network. shh. ]

Open Log & Catch-All !!

Sep. 21st, 2017 04:07 pm
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WHO: Mick Rory & You ??
WHERE: Around !
WHEN:Second half of September
WHAT: A couple of open prompts & probably some starters COME TAG HIM
WARNINGS: will edit if necessary

lookin' for some hot stuff baby this evenin' I need some hot stuff baby tonight )


Sep. 21st, 2017 11:50 am
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Where you'll be from now on. )

All The Leaves Are Brown~ [Open]

Sep. 21st, 2017 06:34 am
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WHO: Margaret the Eevee and you!
WHERE: Nonah + De Chima
WHEN: Late September
WHAT: Various daily activities
And the sky is grey~ )


Sep. 20th, 2017 09:31 pm
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Step 1: Post your characters!
Step 2: go to this site or this site or phone tag to get some emojis!
Step 3: Everyone responds to their cr with emojis that sum up said cr!
Step 4: REACT & PROVIDE MORE EMOJIS IDK there is no step 4 this is a very lazy meme


👻 I'd totally ghost you
🌊 I wish you would drown
🥛your milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
🌈🍆 💦 nuff said
🌞 you are my sunshine
🐻 I can BEARly stand to be near you
🤷 i guess you're ok
🔮i foresee great things in our future
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WHO: Clara Oswald and OPEN
WHERE: Various cities
WHEN: Throughout September
WHAT: Monthly catch-all
WARNINGS: See heads for specific warnings

(( ooc: if you'd like a specific starter, send me a shout at [ profile] gizmatico))
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ImPort chic is on the rise in the streets thanks to the looks that catwalked out of the Lounge from the recent Swearing-In. The house of STORMBORN X MARQ has become synonymous with otherworldly, powerful fashion (along with an edge on female empowerment). In the more specific streets of De Chima, this eerie poster sign has been plastered on every other streetlight and mail box. Weird.

As seen on Bwitter, imPort gossip blogs, and The Daily Snail:
Posters accusing imPorts of attacking government policies appeared around the Porter cities this weekend and were quickly condemned by city authorities.

Pasted overnight by mystery activists, over 200 posters featured the photographs of several named imPorts with the slogan: Where's your justice?

This is believed to be a reference to the Five-Point Petition which the outspoken Count Dooku circulated in protest against the government one month ago. Sources report that the posters name Hans Gruber, Persephone, Utena Tenjou, Yusuke Kitagawa, Daisy Johnson and Count Dooku himself in particular, as well as local supporters, all of whom have voiced criticism of the government.

Now it has been learned that further posters featuring imPorts might be on their way. A local witness could not help but speculate that, "There could be more? I mean, I swear all these names spell Rincewind through the middle like a wordsearch or something."

As heard online, on all the best podcast-supporting websites, and discussed in metahuman-related conspiracy blogs:
This month’s episode of Count Dooku’s political podcast Counting Truths guest stars Archie and Yusuke being interviewed on imPort safety. Dooku asks his guests how they felt during the recent wave of vandalism and threats imPorts faced in August.

Archie's contribution is prefaced with a very strong "Fuck, bro," mostly to annoy the good Count. He tells about how his rabbits were stolen - adding that if the people responsible are listening, he's gonna kick the shit out of them. (Dooku meaningfully clears his throat here to slow Archie’s roll.) Derailed, Archie moves onto the Forgiveness Ceremony - commenting that it was a nice idea but he's not sure it's a long term solution. His general stance isn't optimistic, but he understands that both sides are complex and it's not as simple as discussing it on one talk show. He doesn't think talking is the way forward; it's action and it always has been. Does this mean he thinks the segment on the show right this moment is pointless?

Yes. Yes he does.

Yusuke begins by explaining that his mural in Nonah, kindly supported by Ambassador Vorkosigan, was vandalized by natives that ostensibly disagree with the message that imPorts are simply people just like they are, doing their best to live the lives of unearned power and fame they didn’t ask for. Rather than be discouraged, he says that it has only strengthened his resolve to spread that message, one that shouldn’t be radical at all, but in the current climate, seems to be. The best revenge is not petty violence like Archie suggests, it is to remain strong despite any threat, as they always do. ImPorts as a whole never will, and should not aim to, please everyone.

The Count closes the episode by thanking his guests and encouraging concerned listeners to take action by organizing, speaking out in the media or Network, and lobbying their elected imPort Ambassadors. He also suggests his listeners stay alert for the opening of the Endeavour Centre in Maurtia Falls, a new community youth initiative from Ambassador Petyr Baelish.

As seen on and Nonah newspapers:
Many local businesses in Nonah were hit by clone Mick Rory's arson spree, and the rash of copycat arsonists that followed. Not all these businesses have been able to reopen. But, this October, one Nonah staple is coming back, new and improved and more fabulous than ever before! That's right, folks, Disco Dan's House Of Moves is back, offering fifty percent off on your first five lessons if you sign up before October 7th! And to celebrate their grand reopening, imPort celebrity and Disco Dan's alum Lando Calrissian will be hosting a two-night extravaganza October 6th and 7th. It's a dance marathon, folks, with fifty percent off the proceeds going to help fund the rebuilding of other Nonah businesses affected by the fires. So dust off your dancing shoes, it's time for disco fever!

As seen on imPort-centric news sites and the Maurtia Falls local papers:
A fresh outburst of gang violence rocked Maurtia Falls last week, as five imPorts were ambushed in what authorities are calling 'a well-planned plot for revenge.' Jacob Taylor, Manabu Yuuki, Motoko Kusanagi, Kanaya Maryam, and Sabriel are all former members of the disbanded vigilante team 'Archangel' which launched a renegade campaign against local organized crime two years ago. It seems some people have grudges with long memories, as a gang calling themselves the 'Archdemons' lured the imPorts to a building rigged with power nullifiers before launching an attack from all sides.

A swift response by local police and nearby imPort heroes brought an end to the violence, but not before casualties on both sides. Cyber-hero Motoko Kusanagi was disarmed by a metahuman super-criminal, in the sense that she literally lost an arm. The leader of the Archdemons, metahuman Kyran Rand AKA 'Asmodeus', was killed in the fighting by police trainee Manabu Yuuki. Manabu has been placed on probation pending a review of his actions on this fateful night. At least twenty gang members are also reported to be in custody, many of them with injuries of their own.

No statement to the media has yet been given by any of the former Archangel members involved. It remains to be seen whether this is an isolated incident, or the beginning of a new escalation in crime and anti-imPort violence in Maurtia Falls.

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from EBURNEAN to BROWNIE POINTS, because imPorts have been so well-behaved. Even Count Dooku, and you know his deal.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.


Sep. 19th, 2017 10:00 pm
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Do you suffer from depression?

[good afternoon from this world's resident redheaded Wizzard, who's sitting at an office desk and wearing a green uniform matched with a pointy red hat like that isn't a terrible fashion choice or general life decision. He's attempting to smile. It mostly looks queasy.

Anxiety? Do you have violent thoughts or tendencies? Trouble sleeping? Have you suffered traumatic events in your childhood and/or adulthood, culminating in what most would agree is a rather tragic backstory?

Then perhaps it's time you try - oh, hold on, I had something for this -

[Rincewind pats frantically at his pockets, then bends out of view. When he comes back up, it's to throw a handful of glitter, which shimmers down in a sparkling cloud around, in front of, and ultimately on him. This results in an immediate coughing spell and some swatting at the pieces in his beard.]

- Try - [cough, cough] - psychiatric help!

[cough, curse, gods damn it.]

Er, yes. Conveniently located in Maurtia Falls, Pennsylvania, the doctors at the Maurtia Falls Hos- um, the Maurtia Falls Psychiatric... [oh no. Oh no, what is it called? He works there, what is it called, he knows this! Rincewind's smile twitches, a bead of sweat glistening amidst the glitter on his forehead. He glances quickly to the prepared statement on his desk.]

- Maurtia Falls Psychiatric Hospital for Abnormal Conditions!


This advanced hospital is overseen by imPort psychiatrist Dr. Chilton himself, and is staffed with all sorts of talented individuals ready to assist in bringing out the best -[another glance at the paper, a small wince] - you. That you can be.

Whether you need medication, guided psychological interaction, or even just to talk to someone, therapy can work for you. And I can tell you, because I'm, ah, a success story. Myself.

[honestly, why did they leave that in the script.]

No matter the size your mental troubles, Dr. Chilton and the staff of the Maurtia Falls Psychiatric Hospital are here to help. Appointments can always be scheduled through the front desk, but if you've any questions - [please, oh please don't have questions] - I'm here to answer them as well.

💣 011 | audio

Sep. 19th, 2017 07:19 pm
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[These days, when Alfie gets on the network to make a post - not just a comment, but a full post - it's generally because he's at least a little bit drunk. Today is no exception. He's also even more grumbly and mumbly than usual, and that combined with his thick accent means he's also probably even harder to understand than normal, so apologies for that, world.]

Twelve months I've been here, now; that's edging toward outlier status, isn't it? Mm, yeah. I've seen people come, I've seen people go, I've made a call to invite someone over for dinner during the holidays only to find out they've fucking vanished into thin air overnight.

[Pour one out for Dr. Eldarov. He grunts, irritably, and then abruptly changes the subject.]

Right - but I've decided to quit my job. Yeah, that's gonna be my gift to myself for my one-year anniversary, and for the new year; my people's new year. And as such, I'll be taking bets on how long it'll be before they notice.

[Because of course he's not just going to call up and let them know he's leaving. He's made a hobby out of being irritating at work, so why stop now?]

It was a weekly thing, my radio show, so I'll take guesses at one week, two weeks, three, and so on. Winner, I'll buy a drink; whatever you like. Unless you're a kid or something, I dunno; then I'll buy you a lolly. I'd suggest getting your bets in before Sir Robot makes headway on his surely-doomed plan to destroy the porter and fucks everything up for a bit. Shanah fucking Tovah.


Sep. 18th, 2017 10:43 pm
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Tell me of these holidays. Why are Men so fixated on them? I can understand the necessity for lifting spirits if that is indeed the reason for them. Living in these dreary cities has left me diminished.

{His modeling schedule doesn't help. Thranduil is not accustomed to being expected so many places - only to have bright lights flashed before his eyes. Then there are the commercials...}

If I were to take a..."vacation"...where would you suggest I go? I am fond of nature, unspoiled by the touch of Man.

the doggo experiment (video)

Sep. 18th, 2017 08:58 pm
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[A dog appears on the camera. It's a fluffy white Samoyed, to be precise, looking happy as it usually does. A beat begins to play, and the dog appears to dance, flapping her ears to the music.

Or not. Doc pops up from behind her at the end, giving the pup a generous skritch. She wags her tail, making a familiar thump-thump against Doc's arm.]

That's my girl! Excellent work, Christmas.

[He finally addresses the camera himself with a sheepish smile and cough, still petting her.]

The moving process is nothing if not long and boring, and I thought we ought to have some fun. And while I'm on the subject---if any of you lack plans, I'll be hosting a barbecue next Saturday, from our new home on the outskirts of Heropa. I can assure you you'll be well fed. My partner's an excellent cook, and I'm not too terrible at side dishes if I may say so.

Hope to see you then!

a jailbird, tweeting [OPEN]

Sep. 18th, 2017 08:05 pm
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WHO: Manabu, open
WHERE: Maurtia Falls police station
WHEN: Sept 13-19
WHAT: There is lots of time to kill in jail (see what happens when u take the time to kill and wind up in jail???)
WARNINGS: ? non?

lonely anxious and bored chirping )
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[ The voice that speaks isn't Otto's; it's a Voice-To-Text robot. He then includes a text transcription to reach the widest audience possible. ]

Good evening, imPorts.

There is a significant matter which we need to discuss:

How shall we destroy the Porter?

[ Text | Mirror!Network ]

Sep. 18th, 2017 09:52 pm
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Thanks to a team of imPort scientists who took their time and resources to investigate and research imPocreats, we finally have some news regarding them. To those who aren't familiar, ImPocreats - also known as Impossible Creations - are a holographic-and-cyborg technology developed by OTO when it was still one of DARPA's branch.

OTO offered some to imPorts during a Swear-In, and even though we have learned OTO is trying to clone us, steal our powers, attack us and probably create some sort of genetic aberrations that might eventually try to kill us, some imPorts still kept those things around.
[ he is sort of judging you for that, to be honest. ] In any case, apart from the first imPocreats that some imPorts were willing to give us to study, we found mutated imPocreats during the Liechtenstein mission and also during the Heaven Scent raid which we took to study, and someone was able to retrieve an imPocreat that attacked Philadelphia during July last year.

Our team of scientists was able to conclude that the first imPocreats offered by OTO at the Swear-In were a prototype and they are seemingly harmless. For now. The mutated cyborgs were modified in several different ways, however. It was clear that OTO and Heaven Scent scientists were trying to give the cyborgs imPort powers, which didn't seem to quite work; they also tried to see how far the imPocreats' biology could be modified, like trying to create powers for them or trying to make them survive in surreal conditions.

For now, none of these experiments seem to have worked, but I think it's safe to say OTO will keep trying.

I am not a scientist so I can't give you more details, but the team of imPorts who worked on this are around the network and if they wish to make themselves known, they'll answer.

[ ooc: important links:
- What is the Mirror!Network
- February Investigation
- OOC info on heaven Scent raid

Hi Atus, I'm Dad.

Sep. 18th, 2017 03:09 am
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Hey friends, just a heads up that I'll be on hiatus for the rest of September. I have a wedding in the family and my load at work isn't going to be light for a while.

John will be on autopilot with godmod rights to the #DarknessNoParents gang, although honestly I'm flexible so if you need to handwave something with him feel free to ask me.

See y'all on the other side!

- Jen

We Are The Cool Patrol [Closed]

Sep. 17th, 2017 10:52 pm
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WHO: Akira Kurusu and Various!
WHERE: All over, mostly Heropa and Nonah
WHEN: Throughout September
WHAT: Catch-All
WARNINGS: Teens getting into some not-quite-legal trouble! Mostly of the theivery and smuggling variety, others TBA

We'll turn your life around )
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WHO: Wanda Maximoff & you!
WHERE: Various locations in various cities.
WHEN: Various dates; most a bit forward dated (this log is for any period of time between September 16th to September 30th).
WHAT: Wanda tried to tone down her own positive emotions. It worked too well and she accidentally 100% shut down all of her positive emotions, so in addition she also won't be feeling regret for any actions she takes, she'll be carefree in a disastrous way, she'll be quicker to snap, so on and so forth -- you get the idea. She's now more of a walking disaster than ever. (This will last for somewhere along the lines of the next six-ish weeks, when she will be sorted back out.)
WARNINGS: 'Wanda being uncharacteristically unpleasant' is a given considering her current mental state. That said, when/if anything super trigger-y comes up, I will make note of such in the appropriate subject line.

As my last chance to feel human begins to vaporize. Maybe it's the heat in here, maybe it's the pressure; you ought to head for the exits -- the sooner the better. )


Sep. 17th, 2017 12:56 pm
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Hello dears, I hope everyone is enjoying their day! I have an exciting thing to share on behalf of Ambassador Baelish and myself.

[ She looks brilliantly happy and equal parts proud; this has been an idea fostered for a little bit, but with all the back end hurdles cleared, Haen can hardly wait to reveal the plan. ]

Over the course of the next month or two, we are pleased to announce the beginning of a new community youth initiative for Maurtia Falls called the Endeavor Center, near downtown. Once the building is done being renovated, there will be space for creative arts, for performances, and for intramural teams. It's been Petyr's wish to bring a stronger sense of community to Maurtia Falls, not just for imPorts but everyone living there, and I'm pleased that I'll be coordinating things after the Center opens.

I don't have an exact date yet, but I hope many of you will come celebrate its grand opening~!
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hey. two things:

1. where do unsettled imPorts go to get their non-standard gear? trying search terms like "Big Al's Wild'N'Crazy Battle Boy Emporium" is bringing me to some cool sites (did you guys know there's a developing roomba ultimate fighting ring in MF?) but not the ones i'm actually looking for. thanks.

2. what would you do with your last day on whatever-non-specific-planet-or-plane-of-existence you came from? inquiring battle boys want to know, i guess.

EDIT: a third thing 3. where are there chocolate fountains?


Sep. 16th, 2017 06:09 pm
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Hi MoM!

Just letting you all know that I will be on a slowatus starting from tomorrow right until next week. I will be out of the country and doing some sightseeing in Berlin!

Will hit things up when I get back, and I'll try to keep on top on what I do have!

This affects Bela here and Laurel ([personal profile] lightinside)


[OPEN] Free-Range Monsters

Sep. 16th, 2017 11:03 am
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WHO: Blue's Pokémon (+ maybe Blue) + YOU
WHERE: All over the Porter cities!
WHEN: Throughout early-mid September
WHAT: Blue's Pokémon out on the town, getting into their own adventures
WARNINGS: none expected!

Arcanine - Fetch )

Pidgeot - Thief! )

Exeggutor - Berry Master )

[ooc; Blue himself may or may not show up in these prompts but just in case, please make sure you've filled out his permissions form if you tag in! Thanks! (And if you specifically want him to show up, lmk!)]

009 {video}

Sep. 16th, 2017 03:18 am
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[Today's video is coming straight to you from the Y'all-Mart, as you do. Sookie is standing in front of the "Falloween" aisle, though she doesn't seem very happy.]


[She frowns, then flips the camera around to show a section of shelves covered with red and green and Santas, not the more time appropriate orange and purple and black and brown. She's not really all that offended, more like mock offended. The offended you get when you wanna complain but have nothing to complain about. ]

Y'ALL. [The second y'all is for emphasis, of course.] Are we really letting this happen, now? It's not two months to Halloween, and Santa's already out.

I haven't even gotten anything pumpkin spice yet, this is rediculous.

004 | text

Sep. 16th, 2017 10:40 am
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[It's 2 AM when this message pops up on the network—it had been meant for Lando's more private channel, but. Well. Considering Han's early morning texting habits, this was bound to happen at some point.]

hey Lando if you're still up I need some help

where are all the best places to take someone out for a classy first date


He doesn't wait for a response or even check if he posted it to the right place before he passes out for an hour or two. In the very near future, he's going to come to regret that.]

-1 Chosen One

Sep. 15th, 2017 10:42 pm
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Sad days, friends, but I won't be bringing Harry back from his canon update after all. I've been struggling with tags, and although I was really excited to be in MoM again I just can't make it work right now. But I had a blast while I was here, you're all awesome and I hope to be back someday!
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WHO: Red + Blue + perhaps u?
WHERE: A zoo somewhere in De Chima (probably?)
WHEN: 09/16
WHAT: Red and Blue go on a date to the zoo
WARNINGS: Cute pure boys having a good time at the zoo (will add as needed? I dare y'all to find a way to ruin this)

With the sun shining down over me and you )

((Ooc: If you're interested in having your character bump into these boys at the zoo, just hit me ([ profile] pantheraliam) or Kit ([ profile] kitsoru) up and we'll throw up a starter for you.
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WHERE: De Chima Gallery of Technical Arts.
WHEN: September 15.
WHAT: Registration in motion! Come sign your life away in this three-tiered event that celebrates women, imPort and native both, that ends in the way it must: a party.
WARNINGS: Let me know if anything needs it!

Welcome to the September Swear In, organised by Daenerys Targaryen with permission by the United States government. Category is: female empowerment, celebrating the power, intellect, and beauty of imPort and native women alike! There is something for everyone, including Registration to the government that kidnapped you, so don't be shy.

what have you been doing all summer? )

Slowness notice

Sep. 15th, 2017 03:03 pm
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Fellow MoMers, I've already mentioned this on Plurk but I wanted to let everyone know I may be slow for the next few weeks. I work at a library and it's that wonderful time of year when high school students arrive en masse to drown us in requests for books and bound magazines. I've passed AC for the month so I'm not going to declare a formal hiatus, and I WILL still be tagging, I just may go several days between tags. All the running around makes my bad leg crabby and makes it difficult to rustle up the brainpower to tag. If you need to handwave anything just shoot me a Plurk at [ profile] shurimon or hit me up on Discord at Yedong#9491.

This affects Tina Belcher [personal profile] continuousgroaning. Thanks for your patience!


Sep. 15th, 2017 11:50 am
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Hey all! I'm going to be taking an RP break for the rest of the month - nothing dire, I've been feeling some general burnout and decided the best way to deal with that is to go on a self-imposed break to recharge. I wish I could say that I'll be tagging during this time, but truthfully it isn't much of a break if I'm still doing tags.

That said, all my threads are going to be put on a pause and I'll tag them back when I return. If by then it's been too long and you want to move on and drop it, that's 100% understandable! If you want to talk to me I'll still be on Discord @ Marion#8374, as my plurk use will be limited since I majorly use it for rp.

This applies to Loma Shade and Jotaro Kujo ([personal profile] jojoceanman)! Both will be on auto-pilot (though Jotaro in specific is leaving civilization to go out to sea until month's end.) Have a good rest of the month!


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