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ImPort versus imPort! Instances of death and violence have been reported, to the great mourning of some fans. De Chima welcomes a new Ambassador.

As seen in Major News Websites: Human Interests Stories; imPort Speculation Boards:
As previously reported, on Mother's Day this year, a combined total of $2000 was donated to the Women's Shelters of the four imPort Cities. Last month, the donation came again. This month, it's been confirmed that a third donation of $500 to each of the Major Shelter networks in each of the four cities. This, combined with the return of another six children across the last two months, has cemented the idea that The Angel is here to stay and we couldn't be happier for it!

In related news, reports of Angel sightings have increased since the middle of last month. They've become more and more consistent in description and it's difficult to say if that's because The Angel has actually been seen or if people are merely jumping on the bandwagon in an attempt to claim a little fame for themselves. Previous 'sightings' have largely been dismissed, as descriptions from those he's helped have never been consistent beyond him being a man, sometimes flying them out of danger, and protecting them. However, more people are coming forward as witnesses to the aftermath of an Angel rescue. Many saying they've seen a person with colorful wings made of blue and orange light, but otherwise dressed in black, flying near or away from areas that are later reported to have been investigated by the Police after an Angel folder was left with a now-rescued victim.

Could the The Angel be officially joining the lines of costumed crime-fighters? We wouldn't be upset by that in the least!

As seen on local television channels and BlueTube via cellphone footage:
More imPort related mayhem this week as pop idol and Sumerian love goddess Inanna decided to take their beefs off the Network and into the pit. Their rash rampage of retribution tore thought Miami, Heropa, and even into downtown Nonah until it was brought to a bloody end by frequent gal pal Persephone.

With duplicates of several high profile imPorts allegedly causing their own brand of mischief, rumors have swirled as to what triggered the attack, or even if the attacker was indeed Inanna.

Representatives of Persephone declined to offer a statement, and she has not appeared publicly or on social media since the incident.

Failed DJ, Woden, who claims to know the goddess from his own world, was less reticent. "You know, even the best of us can snap. They came asking about things back home, so... I guess I'm not exactly the worst of us anymore. What a good feeling," the reporter noted, however, that immediately after, the god was caught trying to install a spy camera nearby.

As heard online, on all the best podcast-supporting websites, and discussed in metahuman-related conspiracy blogs. Debate in related comment sections is somewhat fiercer this month, due to clone and imPort chaos, and some sites are no longer willing to share Dooku’s critical words:
This month’s episode of Count Dooku’s political podcast Counting Truths features the Count speaking solo without any guest stars for once, as he holds forth on recent events.

Dooku begins by congratulating new Ambassador Sam Merlotte on his election victory in De Chima. He also deplores the recent violence in the Porter cities while wishing for peace. Yet the Count soon turns to the offensive, claiming that a “vast and ruthless conspiracy” is clearly behind the chaos and is seeking to frame imPorts for pointless crimes. He condemns the anti-imPort protesters who attacked the July Swearing-In, and demands to know why local police failed to protect the event. He also questions why the government has been ineffective at providing security for its own citizens without imPort support. “This hatred and fear against us cannot be tolerated,” he intones in his deep voice. “ImPorts defend and heal the people of this nation, despite being abducted, spied upon, and targeted. We deserve far better.”

Dooku closes this episode as he always does, by encouraging concerned listeners to take action on these issues by speaking to their elected imPort Ambassadors. Yet this month, he also invites listeners to attend a SWEAR-OUT rally at next month’s Swearing-In ceremony, especially calling for imPorts and metahumans to add their support to the demonstration he is organizing. The Swear-Out will encourage new imPorts to be Unsettled just as the Swear-In calls for them to Register, and will offer a platform for all kinds of peaceful dissent. Free food and entertainment will be provided for all attendees. “If you have any grievances with the current state of affairs, come and voice them freely and without fear,” he says. “Together, our voices will be heard, and we will help create the change that is so deeply needed.”

As seen in local Nonah news:
Throughout the city of Nonah, little clay statues have been appearing in random places. They seem to take the image of the late Inanna, and each one is inscribed with the words "You feel my scars."

As seen in De Chima tabloids, InstaSLAM, and Rumblr:
The imPort Riptide, renowned Meme King, has inspired a new trend simply by his existence. It's what kids ages 14 to 22 seem to be doing all the time now, they call it R.I.Ptiding. They're taking photographs of themselves posing like the Meme King himself -- next to gravestones. Of DEAD PEOPLE.

"It's very disturbing," said local fifty-nine year old man. "I don't like it. I don't like how things are different. Whatever happened to planking?"

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from FELDGRAU to COQUELICOT.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.

008 {Video}

Jul. 20th, 2017 02:22 am
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[Coming to you live, from some motel parking lot, it's Sookie! She's settled up on the hood of her car, wrapped in a thin blanket despite the heat. She looks tired, worried.]

Hey from Shreveport, y'all. [Sookie smiles weakly, gives the camera a little wave.] I guess I planned my vacation about the right time, huh? I just hope everyone's doing okay back home. Can't even get a flight back into De Chima right now, they turned me away at the ticket counter.

[She sighs then, scrubbing a hand across her eyes like she's fighting sleep.]

I'm sure everyone's distracted right now, but- [A pause]- I came out to Louisiana to, oh, I don't know. I looked it up when I first got here and I knew my hometown wasn't here, but I just had to check, y'know? Can't trust everything you read online.


I mean, the parish ain't even here. Looks like there was never any Renard Parish at all, it's all eaten up by the ones that were around it at home. Shreveport is here, at least, but it's all different. This motel here's sitting where my friend's bar is supposed to be. It's all so weird. Is this like this for everyone else, whole towns and counties vanishing into thin air? Has anyone even been able to find their old home?

It's just...weird, is all.
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WHO: John and CR, people who want CR can come play too!
WHERE: Hospital, John's recovery room.
WHEN: After this
WHAT: Recovering from his injuries and moping a whole heck of a lot. Come wish well, or gloat, or if you're brave, take pity on him.
WARNINGS: Mention of death and blood/gore/injuries, John being depressed.

why then am i scared to finish what i started, what you started, i didn't start it )
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WHO: Figure skaters and friends
WHEN: July 21, during the flooding in Heropa
WARNINGS: Yurio saying swears and Viktor's bald spot


[When the strange rash of thunder storms first began to plague Heropa the figure skaters had stocked up on all the basic supplies, fearing a power outage if the weather continued. When the news began warning of flash floods in the area, they sent out some hurried invitations to their friends (and anyone else they're even remotely friendly with, thanks Viktor) and Yurio hurried out to make some last minute reinforcements to the property.

Later, as their guests begin to arrive, the change is immediately obvious. Yurio has erected a thick wall of ice around the property's entire perimeter and lowered the temperature immediately around it to keep it from melting. There's a helpful staircase carved into the ice for people to climb up, and a slide back to the ground on the other side. (Let's be honest, people would have fallen down even without a slide.) It might be a strange sight on the outside, but inside is…

...pretty much the same story. The coffee table in the living room has been dragged to one side and piled with an array of food ranging from cookies and chips to fruits and vegetables on it. There are supplies for PB&J, and an ice chest that Yurio is keeping chilled with a selection of non-alcoholic drinks and ice cream inside. Perfectly reasonable until you
see that Viktor someone has stripped the couch of all its cushions and used them along with chairs and bed linens to construct a messy looking fort in the living room. It's actually so haphazard that it manages to be impressive—just how did anyone get this thing to stay upright?]

Passing the time

[So, fun fact about floods: they have a bad habit of knocking out all the power. Luckily, the skaters planned for that too! Not only are there plenty of flashlights to go around, they've found a bunch of board games to pass the time with. Most of them are missing pieces, sure but that just means it's time to get creative! Or, if board games aren't your thing, there's a portable DVD player and a selection of bargain bin movies that all appear to be cheap knock offs of actually successful films. Enjoy such titles as "Android Cop", "Chop Kick Panda", or "Snakes on a Train."

And, of course, there is always the best option: realizing that there's an animal in the room and you could be petting her. Both Makkachin, the adorable poodle, and Puma Tiger Scorpion (Potya for short), the elegant himalayan, will be more than happy accept praise in the form of ear scratches and telling them how cute they are.]

a fixing things post

Jul. 19th, 2017 06:10 pm
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WHO: Brendan, Manabu
WHERE: Heropa
WHEN: 7/30, late afternoon
WHAT: gotta sew up some stuff
WARNINGS: ??? sad

something something metaphors )

[closed] a miscalculated proposal

Jul. 18th, 2017 11:10 pm
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WHO: Doc Brown and Mr. Gold
WHERE: Heropa park + various
WHEN: July 11th
WHAT: Doc has a suggestion about the future. It doesn't quite go as planned.
WARNINGS: Old men being awkward. Nothing of particular note, will update if it changes.

home, i've heard the word before... )


Jul. 18th, 2017 09:41 pm
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WHO: Raina and Twice.
WHERE: New York City
WHEN: Sometime before/after clone madness.
WHAT: Raina takes Twice out shopping in the fashion district.
WARNINGS: None for now! Will update if needed.

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booty booty booty

Jul. 18th, 2017 07:59 am
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WHO: Harley Quinn, Leonard Snart, Rincewind
WHERE: Peaches, the best little strip club in Heropa
WHEN: July 1, nighttime when the sinnin' happens
WHAT: Generous friends buy ungrateful wizzard a lap dance
WARNINGS: professional nudity, gyrating

booty rockin everywhere )
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WHO: Daryl Dixon and open
WHERE: All over
WHEN: Month of July
WHAT: Catch-All! Open prompts up top, specific prompts in the comments
WARNINGS: Zombie mentions, language, more tbd

Any City: The Angel is on the hunt; Any time in July; De Chima only during the zombie plot
Daryl has his hood up, head down. He's walking with his hands tucked into the pockets of a nondescript leather jacket and this late at night, most people chose not to pay attention to him. He looked like almost any guy trying to get by in the night and not be obvious about where he was going or what he was doing. His face just obscured enough by the hood to make identifying him difficult without getting right in his face.

But that doesn't stay the case for long, after he's found his trail. It's not an immediately obvious one. Just him stopping occasionally to glance around and then pull a flower or a weed out of a crack in the sidewalk. At least until the small plants he's oddly interested in are being pulled off of walls. Then he takes a look around and slips into someplace dark enough to hide him as he pulls on his mask and makes sure he's covered from head to foot. Then he's making his way up a fire-escape to a window or along an alleyway to a door. And outside of being quiet, he's not especially trying to hide his actions.

A little while later, should any observers decide not to interfere with his suspicious actions, there's the sound of combat from where he went into - all grunts or cut-off cries of pain or silenced gunfire. Some time after that, when all is quiet again, the man slips out of the building with a child wrapped in his arms and a pair of glowing wings made of orange and blue light that give his position away. But at that point he's not out to protect his position. He's out to protect the kid he's just rescued and fly them off home.

Nonah: Motorcycle Madness; Early in the month
Daryl was pretty well known among his fans by now for preferring a motorcycle to get around on rather than the wings he'd been gifted with by the Porter. So it was little surprise when he showed up at a small Bike show for custom builds. If he saw any obvious imPorts or people he already knew, he gravitated toward them and nodded at the bike they were looking over, "You like that one? Don't think the suspension's too much?"

Wild Card: Nonah, De Chima, Heropa
Daryl is out and about doing normal things in the early half of the month, fighting zombies in De Chima in the second half. He can be found doing basic grocery shopping, checking out nick-knack stores, hanging around parks, and doing everything but eating in public. The closest he comes on that end is having some very mild tea at a couple different shops he liked and attempting to avoid the paparazzi. Largely unsuccessfully.

[[Action or Prose is fine, I'll match your preference. If you want a specific prompt, poke me in PM and I'll put one up for you.]]
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Might someone please explain to me the appeal of drinking alcohol?

[Someone didn't have a very good time at the Swear-In ceremony last night - actually, a lot of people didn't have a very good time at the Swear-In ceremony last night, but he'll avoid any talk of angry mobs or giant fire monsters for now. That, he'll probably never make sense of - this, with some help, he just might.]

wanna be a zombie?

Jul. 15th, 2017 10:08 pm
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ALRIGHT this is late but I feel the need to bring this out here: so during the first week of Clone Saga July 15-22, your characters might heard some stupid thing Sabriel's clone is raising the dead in De Chima. MEANWHILE, Carl Grimes' clone, busy chasing girls at the time and being a general annoyance, decide to join in on the fun with Carl's Fatal Bite power. He will bite two teenage boys and turn them into TWD-style zombies - slow, shuffling, craving any living flesh. Daryl will be able to round them up and deal with them, and Carl himself will go into a nasty brawl with his clone and eventually kill him, with Negan dragging Carl to the hospital to recover for a while.

Now this part is completely optional as I am still on hiatus for the next few days, but Carl's clone can turn your character into the zombie. What kind of zombie? Here's the fun part: any kind of zombie you want. It can be your classic zombie or your intelligent zombie or heck, go the extra mile and go for Dead Space style zombies. (Super graphic gore and transformation in this clip fyi.)

In my permissions page, there are more details about how turned imPorts would generally behave and how transmission and bites work overall. Any more specific questions and I'll ask them right here. If your infected characters are going to do some major damage or death to NPCs, you'll have to go to the mods for approval.
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WHO: imPorts.
WHERE: All four Porter Cities.
WHEN: July 15 - 29
WHAT: The clone attacks begin in earnest, and each Porter City dissolves into chaos as they face down what would really happen if but a few imPorts decided to go rogue.
WARNINGS: Content warnings for: suicide (CULTINARY ARTS) & potential deaths via technology, fire & zombies. Let us know if this should be updated! If you have any questions or feedback on how we wrote up your individual event, please let us know HERE.


[Closed] Slicing and Dicing

Jul. 15th, 2017 03:03 pm
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WHO: Daisy Johnson and George O'malley
WHERE: De Chima Import Clinic
WHEN: July 15th
WHAT: Daisy got a boo boo.
WARNINGS: Knife injury and blood.

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Voice; Mirrornet

Jul. 15th, 2017 01:12 pm
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This is Commander Sabriel, of RISE. [The speaker is a young woman, speaking in a clear, commanding tone. There's the sound of papers being shuffled in the background.]

Over the past week, someone with my appearance and at least one of my powers has been running around, giving interviews, and raising the Dead with a form of necromancy unique to my world. While they've retained their living personalities for a time, that time is over. The Dead of my world feed on life force, and grow stronger the more lives they take. They are dangerous foes, and I urge any imPorts in De Chima unable to fight them to find safety immediately, and to help others do the same. [Behind the calm, there's an urgency in Sabriel's voice.] If you are one of the Dead, I urge you to avoid my double- she may lack the bells, but even without them she can exert a certain amount of control over you.

I know some of you come from worlds troubled by the Dead, or have seen films featuring him, so let me prevent some misunderstandings. These are corrupted spirits inhabiting corpses- shooting them in the head won't kill them, and cutting their heads off will just slow them down- you need to destroy the entire body, though taking out the arms and legs will immobilize them unless they abandon the corpse entirely. Their presence will disrupt technology, especially if there's a group of them- watch for blackouts and cars and guns becoming unreliable. Sunlight and running water will destroy them, and going over or under running water will get rid of them as well, so run onto a bridge if you need somewhere safe at night- failing that, fire will scare the weaker ones off.

They're not contagious- don't panic if you're bitten, but get medical attention because the wounds tend to fester. They're also not mindless- their intelligence varies, and they can get stupid if they're desperate, but they have a sense of self-preservation. Don't expect to be able to trick them into jumping into a river. And just because they can talk, don't assume they have any humanity left to appeal to.

But I'm not the only one with a doppelganger. Multiple imPorts have reported people resembling them, with their powers, acting in ways that seem designed to harm their reputation. At this point, At this point, evidence suggests a legion of copies, rather than a single shapeshifter is behind this. And until we identify the source, there's no sign these incidents will stop.

If anyone has more information or further questions, please contact RISE- and honestly, everyone else, if you're willing. The more people who understand what's going on, the better.

[Filtered to RISE members]

We have several related problems. First of all the Dead- and secondly, whoever's been wearing my face. If she's not disposed of, she'll keep creating more Dead. If you see me acting oddly, detain me, and if you can confirm it's not me, incapacitate her. Or kill her if necessary. [There's a cold anger in Sabriel's tone. She has no love for anyone who'd bring the horrors of the Old Kingdom elsewhere.]

Also, if you can identify any of the copies causing problems, make sure to question them- and detain them, if you can do it legally. Maybe one of them will let something slip about what's going on. Veronica, Kang, Yusuke, possibly Inanna and Utena- we need to get a list together. I don't know if there's a pattern yet.


Jul. 15th, 2017 12:56 pm
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Okay y'all, I don't wanna but I gotta. D:

This is me admitting defeat from getting my ass kicked by the end of June and into July, so I'm yet again cutting my list down to one here since I think that's more manageable with my current RL circumstances. SO. As fabulous as the DC casts here are, I'm dropping Sara for good this time.

I'm still here with Wanda ([personal profile] divaricate), who lbr I am probably never dropping at this rate; you aren't rid of me entirely.

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WHO: Blue Oak and YOU!?
WHERE: Heropa Lake Park, and around De Chima
WHEN: BACKDATED to July 7th+8th, and OPEN after that through the 12th
WHAT: POKEMON BATTLES! NEW HOUSEMATES! And adapting to a world without Pokémon.
WARNINGS: silliness.

it's a whole new place with a brand new attitude but you STILL. GOTTA. CATCH. 'EM. ALL. (be the best that u can be) )
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[Right now, text is easy to hide behind, though his spelling etc isn't the best, and he's liable to slip completely into chatspeak. To make matters worse, he hasn't actually slept at all since the night before last. There's a lot of stuff he'd really, really like to forget, thank you very much. And, he doesn't trust his voice.]

teh Ho-ohfuck is w/the world? Is that normal?

Yea, we got violense bt nthing lik that. ppl don't stab ppl.

who eles cmes from wrlds whr teh level of voilense wasn't like lst nit? [He wants to go home. Where the world makes Sense, and people don't do that stuff because, well, they just don't. Kids' Video Game Logic meets Real World Logic FTW?]

((OOC: Let me know if you'd rather handwave the chatspeak/spelling/grammar stuff!))
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My name is Spooky Jones, and the United States government has officially assigned me my own sex and relationship advice column called SPOOKY LOVE.

Turns out there's not much of a need for demonologists in these parts, who knew. Glad to see our tax dollars at work, though, and I'm always happy to lend a helping hand to whoever needs one.

Now that I think about it, it sort of sounds like the person who gave me this job took the saying “make love, not war” a little too literally. Not that you’ll hear me complaining. Besides, a job’s a job, am I right?

[Truth be told, Spooky has been fighting monsters for so long that the thought of completely setting that aside hasn't...really sunk in yet. But Spooky is adaptable, he is flexible in more ways than one, and he’ll roll with whatever punches this place throws at him.]

Anyway, if you guys have any questions about sex, relationships, or anything else you’re usually too embarrassed to talk about, you should totally hit me up at my website here:

[Insert link that re-directs your character to the aforementioned site]

You can’t lose, so ask anything you want. It’s completely anonymous, I promise.

[OOC: If you want your character to anonymously submit a question, reply to this post with “Spooky Love Question” in the subject line. These questions will be submitted through his off-network website, and they will be featured on his next network post.

Unless otherwise noted, all other comments will be the usual Network stuff!]


Jul. 14th, 2017 05:58 pm
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WHO: imPorts who have agreed to go to London as outlined HERE!
WHEN: July 14 - 30
WHAT: The opt-out event for the clonetastrophe! ImPorts are invited to a ceremony in London, and wind up staying just a wee bit longer than expected.
WARNINGS: None anticipated; please let us know if this should be changed!


we're making two reflections into one

Jul. 14th, 2017 07:21 pm
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Good evening, everyone! As promised, here are a few updates on the clone plot!

First of all, the destruction of Heavens Scent has officially been claimed! While you may continue putting in plot requests for information, their demise has been decided upon - you can find more information about it and sign up to participate HERE!

For those of you who have taken the opt-out options, as of July 14, imPorts will be sent to London as cultural ambassadors, so to speak! There will be a log provided, and as outlined in the last post, they will not be able to get back to America as all flights to and from America will be canceled because of the chaos. Because nobody signed up for the option to take shuttles out of town, there will not be a log posted for evacuees. You may still take this option if you decide to do so, but we will not be providing prompts for you.

And now to announce the plots as outlined by our lovely players! If you have any questions regarding these plots, please direct them to the players running them rather than to us; they’ll know the specifics better than we will! Additionally, we are not listing every plot submitted - only the ones that we believe will affect the most people. If you believe your plot should be listed and it isn’t, let us know, and we’ll put it up here.

JULY 15, NONAH: Follow your impulses! Throughout the day, characters will find their impulses lowered! Want to fight someone? Sure! Want to kiss someone? Why not! Better do what your heart tells you to!

JULY 16, DE CHIMA: Zombies, Run! Wait, wrong fandom. As of the 16th, zombie attacks will begin in earnest, where there will be approximately 125 zombies, and approximately 75-150 civilians will be killed as a result.

JULY 19-21, HEROPA: A Storm’s A-Coming! There will be a big ol’ thunderstorm in targeted areas of Heropa, including power outages, flooding, and property damage from buildings that aren’t built to withstand that much water.

JULY 23-28, HEROPA & MAURTIA FALLS: Unlocking trouble! Rincewind's clone will be unlocking everything from ATMs to the zoo to prisoners - it looks like it's up to the imPorts to do some damage control and lock 'em back up!

JULY 23-25, MAURTIA FALLS: Artillery Ambush! A local gang war will be incited and machinery by the name of Walking Eyes will be roaming the streets, equipped with lasers, machine guns, and flamethrowers, oh my! A potential of 50-200 people will be killed as these machines indiscriminately kill whoever they lay their sights on.

JULY 23-29, NONAH: Fire Away! Some nasty, nasty arsonist is setting fire to buildings intermittently throughout the week, and everyone knows that fire’s not something to take lightly. Why don’t imPorts take this opportunity to make sure no innocent civilians are burned to a crisp?

JULY 28, DE CHIMA: Cult-inary Arts! A bloodthirsty sacrificial ritual will come to a close in a deeply tragic way, unless imPorts intervene! Expect some (content warning) blood and gore with this one!

Lastly, a log for all of this will be going up on the 15th. This may not be overly detailed by necessity - again, the blanks will be filled by the individuals running these plots! - but we welcome you to use it for any and all clone shenanigans. This is your stage! We would also like to remind you that while sign-ups for large-scale events have closed, if you wish to run something that affects your character/your circle of CR, they will remain open throughout the event! If you come up with any ideas you'd like to run with, please don't hesitate to run them by us.

Please submit any questions you may have in the questions thread below, and feel free to use the comments to plot with your fellow players!
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WHO: Joseph Kavinsky & John Murphy
WHERE: A swanky hotel in Heropa
WHEN: July 2017, during the Raven Boys' trip to England
WHAT: They're gaying up the log community
WARNINGS: Probably some NSFW for sexual content eventually, but for now, just mental illness, offensive language, etc.

if you want you can rent that place )

must i paint you a picture

Jul. 14th, 2017 07:06 pm
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WHO: Han Solo and you!
WHERE: Heropa.
WHEN: part 1: 11th-12th, part 2: the weekend after the swear-in
WHAT: it's summertime and Han's going stir-crazy, which clearly means it's time to repaint the house eye-searing colors. damn it, Han.
WARNINGS: probably none, unless clone shenanigans happen?

about the way that i'd feel? )

Heaven Scent and OTO research

Jul. 14th, 2017 09:07 am
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Hey MoMers! Today we bring you an infiltration plot of Heaven Scent's clone laboratory, as a continuation of the clone plot and also a lot of research/investigation from several characters. We wish to invite you all to join us on this, hence why we are making this post!

Let's recap...
Read more... )

Infiltration and destruction
Read more... )

Read more... )

Power Update /o/

Jul. 14th, 2017 12:20 am
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Hello MoM! Viktor will be ported out for a day, TBD when, most likely after some cr drama resolves, and then he'll return with an adjusted power set. A minor tweak to his ability to skating anywhere (he'll be able to skate on/through air now), a reshuffling of others (combining his Eros and ability to turn into a poodle), as well as a NEW healing ability. A complete write-up of his powers and permissions surrounding them can be found here!


Jul. 13th, 2017 11:16 pm
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WHO: Persephone
WHERE: ????????
WHEN: July 12th-15th
WARNINGS: The normal cocktail of Persephone's warnings to be expected (murder, suicide, mental illness, dying teens, etc)

Pop Idol Goddess Dead, read the headlines. Read more... )

((OOC: follow up for the Inanna plot for Persephone CR and her Traumatized Teen Nerd squad, but hey the more the merrier. Hit me up at [ profile] somarysueme or on Discord if you want in or have questions!))

july catch-all (open)!

Jul. 13th, 2017 01:59 pm
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WHO: Veronica Lodge and You. (OTA)
WHERE: All over the place.
WHEN: Throughout July.
WHAT: Catch-all log.
WARNINGS: Probably mentions of murder and violence. Will edit this when needed!

the truth is gonna come out someday. )

oo2 || Video

Jul. 13th, 2017 02:23 pm
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[The surrounding looks odd with the yard and house behind him looking smaller than it should. He's been spending more time in his actual body, even if it is making him tired more often.]

I have two questions, one is for everyone to answer if they can, the other is for a more specific crowd.

Okay first, how would a young human deal with a hangover? The internet is giving me so many options and really all I want to do is get the pain to stop and I can't. Also room spinning and being sick aren't fun. I've tried some stuff but it hasn't worked.

Secondly, who has super strength that they have control over and can give tips on how to control it under certain circumstances? I don't think my boss or our customers appreciate dents or smashed windows. It doesn't happen a lot! Just once or twice.

And if the wind is right

Jul. 13th, 2017 05:22 am
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WHO: Cella & Theon
WHERE: Heropa
WHEN: Backdated to July 8th!
WHAT: Sailing, lunch and Theon being himself.
WARNINGS: Probably none, but it's Game of Thrones.

you can sail away and find tranquility )

Come bother a Rival?

Jul. 13th, 2017 04:54 pm
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WHO: Nikolai and YOU!
WHERE: All over the place, Heropa 002.
WHEN: The day after this, until July 13th
WHAT: Nikolai's either: at home, or out and about, or feeding his pokemon.
WARNINGS: Will be updated as needed, but implied animal death, and a giant vampire-bat in two of the prompts.

Niko, there's no pokemon here..... )

player plot for Nonah, Saturday 15th

Jul. 13th, 2017 03:38 am
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Hello! This is part of the clone plot that has been kicking around. Charles clone will be causing disturbance in Nonah during the 15th. He feels that people aren't living up to their true potential which is why he's going to be casting a big telepathic net over Nonah during Saturday. He's going to lower the inhibitions of the population through mental suggestion.

The results will be seen widely with varied products of impulsive desires being brought to action. Some might not show at work because there's reruns of their favourite sitcoms in the telly, looting, thievery, misbehaving, fights breaking out, public acts of private nature, what have you. Nonah will be in disarray, there will probably be a few bodies but also cute stuff like love confessions and reunions.

What it means for your characters? If you want, you can take it as an incentive to get your character to participate in the madness, maybe to do that one thing they've been jonesing to do but haven't for some reason. He might feel inclined to hound imPorts in particular.

--or you can ignore it completely, because it's easy to dodge! He's new with these powers and it's not like he's going to reach everyone.

If you want to participate, feel free to do your own thing or come hang out with clone Chuck.

Jean and Erik will take him down later during Saturday and Nonah will be back to normal come Sunday.

Also, aside from the wide range disturbance, if you'd like clone Charles to insert some fun mental compulsions into your character's head, here's the chance for it. Charles will be happily available to remove them later! (Of course if you want them to cause a major scale of trouble, you probably need to contact the mods and ask about it.)

Charles will help clean up Nonah after all is said and done. He's very sorry.

Ps. Clone Charles will play the real Charles out of the game by attacking him through some unwitting poor soul. If you want to come rescue him from something that looks like kidnapping most likely, let me know!

Double fresh!

Jul. 12th, 2017 05:43 pm
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WHO: Utena Tenjou, her clone, and YOU!
WHERE: All around Heropa
WHEN: The 7th to the 14th for the open prompts, with closed prompts taking place later in the month
WHAT: Utena's clone has started to crack come out of her shell. Why don't you nice folk go say hi to her? Or maybe you can fill the real Utena in on what she missed.
WARNINGS: Underage smoking and potential violence. Will edit further as necessary.

Double smooth! )

Double delicious to chew... out )

001 // video;

Jul. 13th, 2017 03:08 am
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[When the video begins, what might be the immediate focus of attention for some is Gar's vivid grin skin and hair. It certainly makes him stand out. It's not anywhere near the forefront of his mind though, and he grins widely and waves enthusiastically at the screen.]

Hey there! I'm Beast Boy!! Maybe you recognise my face from TV. [He rubs a hand under his chin and winks in a way that can only be described as cheesy. He's referring to the job he was assigned when he arrived, as a co host.] Anyway, up until a little while ago, I had some pretty killer roommates. They cleaned up everything, and didn't care how late I slept in, and uh, a bunch of other great stuff! But I also never met them.


Anyway, now that they're all gone, the place feels kinda huge. Not that I'm lonely or anything-!! [He shakes his hands rapidly, as if trying to dispel the idea from the air around him, and laughs a little too loudly.] It's just that I'm pretty used to living with a bunch of people, and keeping the TV on all night just isn't the same!

So! Here it is!!

[He holds up an absolute mess of a poster proudly, positioning it so that it takes up all of the camera space.]

Now accepting applications to join the coolest hangout in Heropa! Hit me up, dudes! Or ladies! Or whatever!! [He peeks back around the piece of paper, eyebrows furrowed.] I guess if you have room wherever you're living, that'd be cool too.

[open] july catch-all

Jul. 12th, 2017 08:51 am
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WHO: Dandy Mott & You
WHERE: The Hotel Castile & Maurtia Falls
WHEN: All July
WHAT: Dandy's moving into the Hotel Castile (plus a general Maurtia Falls open).
WARNINGS: It's Dandy so there'll be some awful murder talk most likely.

Read more... )
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[The message comes through showing Eda in some sort of hotel room. Someone is out of town, out of the country during all this clone chaos. It's at night, because timezones, and Eda would be going out but her handlers are watching her closely. This 'free vacation' has a catch, it seems.]

I'm in London for a 'goodwill' mission for ImPorts. And I'm hearin' crazy ass rumors coming from over the pond, also I've been banned from coming back home until stuff has been handled back.

[She comes up closer to the camera, an actually concerned look on her face.]

Guys, what the hell is going on?

witty title (openish)

Jul. 12th, 2017 08:32 am
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WHO: The Final Shale, Trash Walsh, Metal Danvers, Todd March
WHERE: around
WHEN: 1-5th jul

no i won't stop with the monster factory jokes )

[semi-closed] | one

Jul. 11th, 2017 08:46 pm
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WHO: Kylo Ren, Poe Dameron, maybe somebody else if necessary
WHERE: Nonah
WHEN: Two days after Poe's arrival
WHAT: Kylo Ren hasn't seen Poe since he escaped from the Finalizer, he wants him dead.
WARNINGS: Mentions of torture, violence

So who talks first? You talk first? I talk first? )

now that the election is over...

Jul. 12th, 2017 12:31 am
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First of all, congratulations to De Chima's new ambassador, Dave Cabernet. I believe as a cat man who owns a bowling alley, he is more than qualified for the position as our new, venerated leader...

...but Bruce doesn't care! He's still forming the Justice League! SUCK IT, MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT. SO, if you think your character would be interested in joining the Justice League, comment here! Let me know! Keep in mind that fuckin' BATMAN has ultimate veto rights until a founding council is formed, and there won't be any community votes! You all had that chance with him as ambassador, but now that's all out the window! This is all up to Batman's discretion! Love you everybody!

EDIT: I SUPPOSE I SHOULD CLARIFY A LITTLE MORE. if you're a person batman would be interested in having, the league is a full time position (not a job, not full time as in spending a full working day there), but you should have no other obligations to any other teams and you should be available to spend time training others and doing team stuff and... idk you get the idea. basically when the league needs you, you drop everything. ALSO THE TEAM IS NON-LETHAL. no killing unless there is absolutely no other alternative. if you use a lethal weapon, bruce and the league may be able to help you design a non-lethal version of it. i mean ollie used boxing glove arrows. they can probably figure it out.
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WHO: Haen Hithiel & OPEN
WHERE: Mostly Maurtia Falls but can be elsewhere on demand
WHEN: Throughout July
WHAT: Catch all for July, some open starters, lmk me if you want something specific!
WARNINGS: None yet

Descending gods have found Elysium here... )


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